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NeuroStar TMS Therapy

Penn Psychiatric Center is proud to announce that Harmony TMS Therapy is now available to patients. Harmony TMS Therapy is a FDA approved, drug free, noninvasive answer to treating depression. While drug based therapies have been a standard in treating depression they are not only known for their lengthy list of side effects, but over 40% of patients currently taking medication to reduce depression suffer from Treatment Resistant Depression. Harmony TMS takes a different approach to treating depression. Harmony TMS uses finely directed magnetic pulses, targeted directly at regions of the brain responsible for mood regulation. In patients with Major Depressdoctorwithpatientive Disorder these areas of the brain are known to be under active. The magnetic pulses from the device work to reinvigorate those under active regions without the systemic side effects associated with prescription drug therapies. If prescription drug therapies have failed to treat your depression, or you are interested in a noninvasive new approach to treatment, talk to your Doctor to see if Harmony TMS Therapy is right for you.

First Experience

Harmony TMS Therapy is personalized to each specific patient to ensure the absolute highest level of success. During your first visit, the technician will configure the device to suit your exact needs. A baseline is achieved during your first visit, that your future treatments will be based off of. It is because of the importance of accurately mapping this baseline that you should expect your first appointment to take up to an hour. During this time the doctor will be identifying the magnetic field strength needed to produce movement in your right thumb. As the doctor performs these tests you will feel a light tapping on your scalp near the treatment location, if any discomfort is experienced during this time the technician can quickly make adjustments to ensure a relaxing experience throughout your visit.

 What to Expect

Harmony TMS Therapy is non invasive, non drug and non sedating therapy. This allows for the entire treatment process to be done as the patient relaxes and remains alert and awake. After your baseline is achieved during your first visit you can expect subsequent treatments 5 days a week lasting 30-40 minutes per session for 4-6 weeks, with a total of 30-36 treatment sessions. Most patients usually begin to report having clinical benefit by the fourth week of treatment, however it is normal to experience results prior to or after the four-week neurostar-4mark. TMS therapy allows you to get the treatment you need without the negative side effects associated with other therapies.

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