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Treatment Team

A BHRS treatment team can include a team of up to three clinicians:

 Behavioral Specialist Consultant (BSC)

The BSC will provide behavioral assessment, identify patterns of behavior and will design an individualized treatment plan. They will also monitor treatment interventions and serve as a consultant with all of the systems involved in the child’s life.

Mobile Therapist (MT)

The MT will provide in-home intensive therapeutic services to the child and his/her family, identify the strengths and needs of the child and family and address deficits such as coping skills, social skills, and anger management. The MT will also address the relationships among various family members and assist the family in improving their interactions.

Therapeutic Staff Support (TSS)

The primary role of the TSS is to transfer skills to the parent/caregiver or teacher by working collaboratively with them and to provide behavioral support to the child in becoming more functional, productive and independent in his/her natural settings. The TSS utilizes the specific interventions outlined in¬† the child’s individualized treatment plan to help avoid or eliminate socially inappropriate or threatening behaviors, providing immediate rewards and consequences for behavior and providing support to the child and family.

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